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Allergy Traveler

Allergy Traveler translates allergy and religious dietary restrictions so that you can communicate your dietary restrictions, even when in a foreign country.

Allergy Traveler is unique in the market because it is focused communicating these needs, no matter the situation. It doesn't require a network (3G) connection, so the translation is always available and the program won't incur roaming charges. All translated text can be shown in extra large text size to explain even to people with poor eye sight and each ingredient has an associated image to help describe the item. Most importantly, all translations are by fluent speakers because automated translations are not yet reliable enough.

To use Allergy Traveler, select the items you cannot eat (egg, fish, milk, nut, peanut, sesame seed, shellfish, soy, wheat, beef and/or pork) and why you cannot eat them (allergy or religion). Allergy Traveler then explains your dietary restrictions in one of up to 20 languages (languages depend on the particular version and platform).

Allergy Traveler is currently available for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. Check back soon for BlackBerry smart phones.

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