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I'm an experienced software developer of both desktop and mobile applications. I have passion for designing software architecture and user experiences, and I've created commercially available applications for Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and iOS (plus non-commercial applications for Linux). I natively speak C/C++, but also speak C#, Java, Objective-C, ActionScript, VisualBasic, Perl, HTML, and others. But languages aren't that important, they just communicate an idea. It's the idea is really what's important.

I work full-time for National Instruments. Currently, I'm working in the Shanghai branch redesigning software engineering tools for LabVIEW (none of my work is yet available). For 6 years prior, I was working in Toronto as one of the developers for Circuit Design Suite. You can see some of that work on the National Instruments Circuit Design Community blog and sometimes on the Circuit Design Suite forums (look for the name GarretF). Of course, most of the time, I'm working as a developer. After my full time job, I also work as a freelance developer. I'm generally interested in solving real problems with highly usable software.

Click the links at the side of this page to stalk me elsewhere, or send me a message on the Contact page if you have an idea, need a skilled developer, or just want to say hello.

This Website

This website is about the software I've created. In the Apps section, you'll find information about some of the mobile applications I've created. The Blog section is my personal blog about software development, related topics, and on occassion something completely off topic. Have a read, and you'll see that, among other things, I'm highly interested in what makes usable software. The Portfolio section highlights some of the work I've done at a variety of employers and as a freelance developer.

The website design is custom template you won't find anywhere else that I named "cleanflow". The basic idea was a site that is easy to access and understand, yet still attractive on both desktop and mobile devices The PHP code generates an HTML 5 website that is responsive, accessible (a few 3rd party plugins are not accessible), and microformats. Not an original idea, but something that seems to get lost on many sites. You'll have to ask really nicely for me to share it.